IEC Students at Educational Risk

Thornlie Primary School

Students at Educational Risk

Students in the Intensive English Centre (IEC) who are identified as being at educational risk, are supported through a range of practises and services. Teachers work collaboratively with IEC staff to develop appropriate plans and strategies to target individual needs of students. The plans address the academic, social and emotional needs of students (depending on the area of need).

Students’ specific academic, social, emotional and behavioural needs are addressed through:

  • Early identification of students at educational risk for students from Years 1 – 6
  • Ongoing consultation and collaboration between parents/carers and the school
  • Interagency and Department of Education personnel consultation and collaboration
  • Development of documented plans, including but not limited to individual education plans and behaviour management plans which are responsive to the individual needs of the students
  • Regular and consistent monitoring of student progress and performance
  • Professional learning for staff to ensure best practice to meet the individual needs of students

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