IEC Student Eligibility

Thornlie Primary School


Eligible students:

  • are in the Beginning or Emerging Phase of learning Standard Australia English (SAE) in all language modes, as assessed using the English as an Additional Learning/Dialect (EAL/D) Progress Map
  • hold an eligible visa category or hold Australian citizenship
  • are in Years 1-6
  • are assessed as Stage 1*

*Stage 1:

  • Students born in Australia and enrolled in Year 1; or
  • Students who have been in Australia no longer than a year, have enrolled within six months of arrival and are in their first year of schooling in Australia; or
  • Students who have had limited schooling, i.e. have received less than three years of continuous schooling prior to arrival in Australia, and who are within the first two years of schooling in Australia.

If you have further enquiries regarding eligibility or enrolling a child, please contact Thornlie Intensive English Centre

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