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Easter Hat Parade Friday 19 March 2021 at 9am

As part of our Easter Celebration, we will be having an Easter Hat Parade on Friday 19 March 2021 at 9am.  Students are asked to bring their hats on the morning of the parade.  Parents and Carers are welcome to watch the grand parade from 9am in the new Undercover area.

Stranger Danger

We wish to inform parents and carers about a reported incident in the nearby community on Friday 20 November when a male person was acting suspiciously. The matter has been responded to by WA Police.

In light of this reported incident I urge all children to take care when going to and from school, and to report anything suspicious to their parents, the school and the police.

You can call 13 14 44 to report an incident to WA Police (only use 000 in an emergency) or 1800 333 000 to reach Crime Stoppers.

Here are some suggestions to help your children stay safe:

  • always travel in a group
  • walk on the right hand side of the road to face oncoming traffic
  • wherever possible, leave space between you and the roadway
  • stay in areas that are well lit
  • stay in view – avoid going into areas that are hidden (such as parkland bush or behind shopping centres)
  • be alert – earphones and headphones can reduce your awareness considerably
  • if you have a mobile phone, have it turned on and ready to dial an emergency number
  • if a passing car stops nearby, never get too close
  • run from a situation if you feel at risk
  • give this advice to your brothers and sisters, especially if they are younger
  • report suspicious behaviour to your parents, school and the police
  • if you can get it safely, try to photograph or remember the number plate of the car
  • report number plates of cars and the clothing or distinguishing features of individuals to police.

To get the latest community safety information from police, visit WA Police on Facebook or online at

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact our school 08 9232 3450.

Coronavirus Information

School drop off & pick up arrangements from Monday 10 August

Corona Help and Support Perth


It is important that we have up-to-date contact details for your children, please notify the front office if any of these have changed.

Follow the below link to the Department of Education website for update information

Alternatively for the latest health information and health related enquiries please visit WA Department of Health or access the helpline 1800 020 080.






New Telephone Number

Our school phone system has been upgraded and we now have a new number for the whole school including Early Childhood)

08 9232 3450 (whole school including Early Childhood)

08 9232 3480 (IEC)

Qkr is here at Thornlie Primary School

Qkr! is now at Thornlie Primary School, it is a new easy-to-use payment system called Qkr. Qkr can be used on smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops and desktop computers for parents/caregivers to pay for school activities, such as camp, excursions and incursions, at any time of day or night every day of the year. Qkr is a Mastercard product and comes with all of their security.

Here is a link to a short video giving showing you how Qkr will help provide a more convenient way for parents to make various payments to our school.

How to Download and Set Up Qkr




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