Our Staff

Thornlie Primary School

The school has a staff with extensive experience. The school leadership team consists of a Principal, three Deputy Principals and a Manager Corporate Services. Teaching staff work in collaborative teams and this complemented in the classroom setting with Education Assistant support.

In addition the school support staff team includes a School Officer, a Library Officer, Education Assistants (both mainstream and IEC) deployed to support students from Kindergarten to Year 6, a School Gardener and team of school-based cleaning staff.

Ms L Deane-Spread Principal
Ms P Hooper Deputy Principal
Mrs M Thomas Deputy Principal
Ms J Rodrigues Deputy Principal
Ms L Reti Manager Corporate Services
Mrs C Donaldson School Officer
Mrs K Pickford School Officer
Mrs A Sturch School Officer
Mrs S Shepherd School Officer
Mrs F Mirhadi School Officer
Mrs T Kalupahana Library Officer
Ms E Mounier Teacher – EC1 – Kindy
Mrs S Clarke Teacher – EC2 – P/Primary
Ms K Eldridge Teacher – EC3 -P/Primary
Mrs C Bailey Teacher – Room 1 – Year 1/2
Mrs H Connan Teacher – Room 2 – Year 1/2
Mrs A Jones Teacher – Room 3 – Year 1/2
Mrs M Bottomley & Ms N Alshemary Teacher – Room 4 – Year 3/4
Ms J Petersson Teacher – Room 5 – Year 3/4
Miss K McRobert Teacher – Room 6 – Year 3/4
Ms L Solar & Mrs E Bensley Teacher – Room 14 – Year 5/6
Mr J Joseph Teacher – Room 15 – Year 5/6
Ms T Carney Teacher – Room 16 – Year 5/6
Miss T Hall Teacher – Room 10 – IEC ECE
Mrs M DeRozario Teacher – Room 12 – IEC ECE
Ms C Buchanan Teacher – Room 13 – IEC ECE
Ms D Ursell & Mrs Palumbo Teacher – Room 18 – IEC Senior
Ms H Hopewell Teacher – Room 20 – IEC Middle/Senior
Ms S Luc Teacher -Room 19 – IEC
Ms A Chaudhary Specialist Science Teacher
Ms F Bibby Specialist LOTE (Italian) Teacher
Dr T Nazareth Specialist Music Teacher
Mrs M Boyer Specialist Music & Drama Teacher
Mr I Logan Specialist Physical Education Teacher
Mrs C Cotton Education Assistant – Mainstream
Mrs L Mayers Education Assistant – Mainstream
Mrs S Jackson Education Assistant – Mainstream
Ms L Adams Education Assistant – Mainstream
Mrs E Walker Education Assistant – Mainstream
Ms R McKay Education Assistant – Special Needs
Mrs A Bourne Education Assistant – Special Needs
Mrs N Booth Education Assistant – Special Needs
Mrs T Carter Education Assistant – Special Needs
Miss B Van Beek Education Assistant – Special Needs
Mrs C Kriwopischin Education Assistant – Special Needs
Mrs S Solanki Education Assistant – Special Needs
Mrs B Sanaei Ethnic Education Assistant
Mrs T Paw Ethnic Education Assistant
Ms F Gale Ethnic Education Assistant
Ms M Singh Ethnic Education Assistant
Ms V Sayegh Ethnic Education Assistant
Mrs A Loo Ethnic Education Assistant
Mrs F Mirhadi Ethnic Education Assistant
Mr M Arif Cleaner in Charge
Ms M Stewart School Psychologist – Mainstream
Ms R Wallman School Psychologist – IEC
Mrs E Alaniz Cleaner
Ms C Gildare Cleaner
Ms N Komariah Cleaner
Mr J Blake Gardener
Mrs C Thomas Chaplain

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